'Baby Reindeer': A Story About Being Radical

'Baby Reindeer': A Story About Being Radical

Posted on May 10, 2024

Baby Reindeer is on Netflix and talk about the story of Donn…

I’m not a reviewer, if you to know of what “Baby Reindeer” is about, try on Google… and read the story.

Baby Reindeer is based on the true story of Richard Gadd, the creator and actor who played himself in the series.

from Letterboxd

Baby Reindeer

Directed by Weronika Tofilska, Josephine Bornebusch


When a struggling comedian shows one act of kindness to a vulnerable woman, it sparks a suffocating obsession which threatens to wreck both their lives.


My Thoughts

Baby Reindeer works because a rude story but it is the story of the all the people of world. It is about of finding a place in this world, it is about of finding the place in this world with someone else gives us his attentions.

It’s about being courageous.

The most arresting scene of the series is the climax when Dunn falls and tells his rude and critical story from the stage.

Dunn Baby_Reindeer

The stage. The place where catharsis comes out like the course of a stream.

To escape from his story, Dunn cannot radically live his passion, he cannot take the position of telling himself that if he wants to be a comedian he cannot do anything else. If he wants Tari he will have to face his fears, he will have to take a specific position.

Martha is the representation of these problems.

She wants him. Just one thing and stop. She gives her life for this.

Simple, direct, uncompromising and doesn’t care what others think of her.

She is brave, she is violent if she needs to.

Martha Baby_Reindeer

Ultimately, Dunn continues to listen to Martha’s recorded messages. Martha’s recorded messages are her medicine for the illness that has been his life.

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